Passing the AZ-203 exam - Part 2

April 15, 2020

Develop Azure Platform as a Service Compute Solutions

This is Part 2 of the AZ-203 study guide. In this post we'll cover:

This is the 2nd module measured in the AZ-203 exam.

App Service Web Apps

Create a resource group

az group create -n "my-rg-apps" -l westus

az group create

Create an App Service plan

appservice plan create              
    -n "githubdeployplan"
    -g "rg-apps"
    --sku FREE         # {B1, B2, B3, D1, F1, FREE, I1, I2...

az appservice plan

Create a web app

az webapp create
    -n "myapp"
    -g "rg-apps"
    --plan "githubdeployplan"
    --deployment-container-image-name "microsoft/dotnet-samples:aspnetapp"

az webapp create reference

Mobile Apps

Enabling offline sync for a mobile app

public async Task SyncAsync()
    try {
        await client.SyncContext.PushAsync();  // ⚠️ 
        // Reconcile local <-> server
        await todoTable.PullAsync(             // ⚠️ 
    catch (MobileServicePushFailedException ex){
        if (ex.PushResult != null) {
            syncErrors = ex.PushResult.Errors.


📖 Further reading: Offline Data Sync in Azure Mobile Apps

Azure Functions

// ⚠️ Functions with a [QueueTrigger] attribute process Storage Queues messages

// ⚠️ Functions with a [Table] attribute will output to a Storage Table.

public static void ProcessOrders(
                  Connection = "AzureWebJobsStorage"]
    CloudQueueMessage queueItem,
           Connection = "AzureWebJobsStorage")]
    ICollector <Order> tableBindings,
    ILogger log)

💡 If a function throws an exception it will be called a maximum of 4 additional retries.

💡 Azure Functions runtime will receive up to 16 messages and run functions for each in parallel.

💡 When the number being processed gets down to 8, the runtime gets another batch of 16 messages.

📖 Further reading: Azure Queue storage trigger for Azure Functions

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